Raw Radio Files Backlog

Raw Files

Raw files and archives are updated monthly.
06 2020
07 2020
08 2020

Last Updated: 04 September 2020

Although only the most recent Raw files are available, if you have a request from the archive, please let me know and I will load them into your personal folder.

Download the PDF to view. To search for a title or part title click ‘ Ctrl+f ‘ and enter the title.
Raw Radio Archive: 26,404 files.

Click to access raw-listings-updated-08-2020.pdf

17 thoughts on “Raw Radio Files Backlog

  1. Linda Dotson

    Joanna Trollopes’Daughters-in-law was very poignant. It really struck a chord with me as it addressed changing roles in families. Thank you. This was excellent.

  2. Linda Dotson

    The August 2014 Raw files include “Discovery: Antibiotic Resistance Crisis” in two parts. These are particularly cogent now with concerns about various contagious diseases spreading throughout our world. Very well researched, written and produced. Highly recommended.

  3. Steve Williamson

    Currently it’s a bit hard to find things – but, under the current circumstances that’s understandable – many many many … thanks to Mark for keeping BAD going in spite of resistance from those above who don’t appreciate the value of a proper _open_ historical/archive service for BBC drama enthusiasts.
    Linda Dotson mentions a Trollope drama which sounds interesting and is included in the long list for these raw posts. I couldn’t find it – can anyone help?

  4. Stephen Hamrick

    I am unable to find the Morecambe and Wise Garage Tapes program. I am currently engaged in research on Morecambe and Wise. Can I hear them through your site?
    thank you

  5. Colin Yare

    I would really like to hear the Frances McNeil drama ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ if possible please

    1. Susan

      Ignore that last request. Either you have recently added them or I am an idiot! I have all 6 episodes of Series’ 1 & 2 now. Thank you.

  6. Loren

    Tuesday’s Child, Afternoon Drama Series, by Katie Hims–looking for it everywhere…(sorry for the repost, wanted to fix the typo).

  7. martin carson

    Hi Mark,
    I can see the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Hexagonal Phase in the older list, but i can see where to access them. Can you make these available please.

      1. Austin Whiteside

        Secret Lives – EF Benson A Most Salubrious Seaside Resort 22-11-12
        Secret Lives – EF Benson Episode 1 19-09-11
        Secret Lives – EF Benson Episode 2 20-09-11
        Secret Lives – EF Benson Episode 3 21-09-11

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